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a HOLISTIC DETECTIVE DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE worldwide search for Tolkien’s most mysterious fantasy figure.

Finding Tom Bombadil tracks A MAN ON a quest to find his favourite fiction character in the real world. Coincidences and chance encounters lead holistic detective Joost van de Loo to investigate candidates across five different continents, helped by a host of volunteers, field researchers and advisers. After years of searching he realises that the search is only just beginning.

The film
The search


our INVESTIGATION assumes Tom Bombadil actually exists.

We're assuming that somewhere, Tom Bombadil is Living and Walking amongst us. Since 2015, our investigation has taken us from The Netherlands, to Iceland, India, Oregon, Finland, Italy, Tanzania, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, England, Washington DC and Shetland.

The person we're looking for is charismatic, free spirited and close to nature. He's a gregarious recluse, prone to spontaneous singing, rhyming or riffing to melody. He is also 13.7 billion years old and has magical powers, but power leaves him cold. His most pressing concern seems pleasing his wife/girlfriend/partner.

The appeal


join the search and experience the delights of being a holistic detective

as a holistic detective you are open and rigorous, keen to follow strings of happy coincidences on your way to a miracle. you walk around with childlike eyes, almost always ending up in unexpected places. and the beauty is: you don't need a substance addiction to be a holistic detective. Anyone can do it, with a bit of practice.


We're now touring the world to appeal for help, mobilising people to join the search. because Finding Tom Bombadil would be like winning the intergalactic jackpot. And IF Many more of us become holistic detectives too – then maybe, someday, someone is going to meet Tom Bombadil.

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